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Tag: food

Cheese with HOT+HIGH Chilisauce dip

Haters will say, cheese can never go with a Sauce. Well, then again you eat it with mustard, jams, fruits, etc. So why not eat with something spicy that doesn't ruin the taste of the cheese, but enhances it with a little kick and some fruity notes. HOT+HIGH Chilisauce does
Crispy Baked Onions rings with HOT+HIGH feature

Cocunut Onion Rings with HOT+HIGH Chilisauce Dip

These onion rings are super crispy and just slightly coconutty–the shredded coconut adds a hint of toasted coconut flavor, but it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the sweet onion. It’s always a little bit of a pain to bread vegetables, but like childbirth, you forget about all the pain once